Fonts, Fonts, Fonts

So, fonts.

Fonts are so cool because they are the place were visual representation and textual meaning come together. What you mean to say in your text is highlighted by your font choice – given the subtleties of meaning brought in by visual associations. Power, trustworthiness, fashion, intimacy – fonts can colour the texts they contain with a slew of additional meanings.


Resistenza’s “Bodoni at Home” gives us an intimate handmade quality as well as a nostalgic academia.

I love typography, but it’s a constantly unfolding word with new fonts being designed all the time.  Every time I look, there’s something new to learn about.  This is why I was so happy to find

Not only do they have a huge collection of fonts listed by use as well as type (no pun intended), but they have this cool “What the Font” feature that allows you to submit an image of an unfamiliar font to find a match, or you can ask about it in their “What the Font Forum.” I really enjoy their newsletter the most, where they showcase new font families and interview designers, both emerging and established. This website is a great place to explore and learn about the wide world of fonts.


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