Month: April 2013

Poster Time

So I made another thing! This is poster number three for the North Shore Chorus, a local community choir.  Their program featured a celestial theme, so I recreated a night sky.

Normally, I do a lot of text-based work – using fonts as a graphic element in combination with photos. Part of my day job is to do layout, so it’s a natural step for me. This time, however, I got to bust out my Wacom digital drawing tablet and make some original art. Doing the detail of the moon and the reflection was super fun. Can’t wait for more!

Shining Night Poster

Screen printed t-shirt by me

So this is an oldie, from when I finally got myself down to Blim for a screen printing workshop. My favourite part was obviously the neon-rainbow effect, though I’m fairly fond of the drawing itself.


If you want to take a screen printing workshop, Blim is a great little resource in Vancouver’s historic Chinatown. Go down to 115 E. Pender Street and check them out!