Malaspina Printmakers

OMG. I just discovered Malaspina Printmakers. These people are so sexy.

Essentially, they’re an artistic society based in Vancouver that focuses on the various elements of printmaking. They have all of the equipment and run workshops for a variety of print-related techniques:

…intaglio, aquatint, lithoplate, monotypes, etching, lithography, collography, inkjet [looks like some prepress and paper info], silkscreening, woodcut [!!!], intaglio photopolymer…

I don’t even know what half this stuff is, but it sounds very alluring. Next time I am feeling flush with cash I am totally rocking down and taking one of these. AND they have exhibits! I can’t wait to immerse myself in some awesome print art.


Album Inspiration

Half of creativity for me comes from enjoying other people’s art. These days I’ve been really inspired by album covers. The challenge here is in articulating the essence or feeling of music visually, and it can lead to some wonderfully creative stuff. I love album covers with storybook illustration qualities, colorful and busy expressiveness, the surrealist takes, and the spare minimalist styles. A quick google search brings me a wealth of all of these.  Here are just a handful of the great images I’ve encountered recently: