Exposed! Pieces from the David R. Carlin Collection

The David R. Carlin Collection recently had a show at the Gallery of BC Ceramics on Granville Island, highlighting the vintage works of little-known BC ceramics artists.  When I was contacted to do the invitation design it was a huge honor and a fun chance to work on a new project.

I’ve done a lot of flyers where the important thing is to organize as much information as possible into a small space in a way that will communicate the pertinent details best.  The invitation for this show  was a post-card, something I’ve been itching to do, and it gave me the opportunity to work with space.  It needed to be clean and elegant – professional yet inviting – and reflect the slightly cheeky sincerity of the show.  This gave me a chance to play with the clean aesthetics that I aspire to, and promoting artistic ventures has always been very near and dear to my heart, so, all in all, it was a very satisfying piece to do.

The Carlin Collection


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