Same Love by Beau Preston

I’ve been following the blog of Australian graphic artist, Beau Preston, and I wanted to repost his awesome drawing, Same Love.  Nothing says same-sex marriage like storm troopers who are soul-mates.

Same Love by Beau Preston.












via Same Love.



    1. As someone in Canada legally married to my same-sex partner, I’m always very happy to see support from straight allies. One of the reasons I love this image is it takes such a familiar icon and makes a very adorable and cheeky statement about same-sex partnership, creating an image that people who otherwise never thought about it can maybe relate to.

      When my wife and I visited friends in Melbourne last September, positive change was definitely in the air. Keep up the great work and thanks for lending your voice to the cause!

      1. I think you nailed this drawing perfectly. I couldn’t of described it better myself.

        In regards to change in Australia, at the moment it isn’t looking to happen anytime soon. Although a majority of people are in favour, in our upcoming election, one party has promised to legalise same-sex marriage while the other wont even acknowledge it. Sadly, according to all the polls, the party against same-sex marriage is clearly in front. This doesn’t mean we wont get equality, rather we’re going to have a huge battle ahead of us.

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