Month: June 2014

Neither/Nor at the Ayden Gallery

I just did a poster and flyer for the Ayden Gallery’s upcoming exhibition, Neither/Nor. It was a total pleasure working with the gorgeous images of these wonderful artists:


The opening reception is July 4th, 7-11pm, and will feature performances and live music. If  you’re looking for something to do this coming Friday, wander down to the Ayden Gallery (2nd Floor, International Village – 88 West Pender Street) and check out this great show!




I had some illustration fun lately transforming the Internet’s famed Keyboard Cat, into the serious and adorable Dandycat, complete with  powdered wig and cravat! You just know Dandycat is playing that keyboard on the harpsichord setting. I created the image in Illustrator, using my wacom tablet.



I love a good infographic – they’re the perfect example of what design is really about: using form to enhance function. As a visual learner, I also really appreciate seeing how a thing works. They’re tricky business, because it’s not just about making information pleasing to the eye, but organizing it – deciding which information should be highlighted so it can be presented in a succinct way that provides insight for the viewer.

I made this infographic for Cor Flammae’s fundraising campaign. The arts are notoriously under-funded, but we wanted to show the specifics of how under-funded professional choral music is, by highlighting what goes in to producing a show. It is meant to be useful to other choirs as well, and it was an interesting process of research and collaboration, whittling down the information into something that does justice to an experience shared by many groups and then deciding how best to present it in an easily-readable form that fit in a browser window or on a small poster.


The Care and Feeding of your Professional Chamber Choir




Opus Art Supplies is Having a Sale

I have the great pleasure/extreme temptation of working very close to Opus Art Supplies. Last year, they moved their North Shore location to a building just behind Capilano Mall, and I have, for very good reason, not visited them until now. Opus Art Supplies is the most beautiful and extensive collection of everything you could ever want for making art. Everything there is sexy, and I know I will inevitably walk out with something. On top of that, my goose was double cooked, as they are in the middle of a sale. And so, with great elation and no regrets I brought home this gorgeous creature:

Garibaldi Sketchbox Easel

Right now I don’t have a lot of space for a studio – and this has been fine so far as my work is mostly digital – but I want to hone my handmade skills and bring more of those elements into my designs. Enter my dream easel: it folds down, has space to store my supplies, and is made of beautiful beech wood with shiny brass hardware, a leather handle and canvas strap, so you can take it everywhere. Everywhere will be my studio!

The sale runs from May 1st to June 19th, and Opus has several locations, the famous Granville Island shop (1360 Johnston Street, Vancouver) and the accessible downtown store (W Hastings Street, Vancouver) being the easiest to get to for Vancouverites. They also have shops in North Vancouver, Langley and Kelowna, so if you’re near any of those places and you need some new beautiful things to make new beautiful art with, check them out (!