O Fortuna!

My latest piece for the North Shore Chorus promoted their end-of-season concert featuring selections from that quintessentially epic composition, Carmina Burana.  Carmina is a delightful anachronism, being a 20th century composition set to a collection of poems from the 11th to 13th centuries.  For me, it is less about re-creating something authentic from the past, than seeking to present its truth by using the immediacy of contemporary terms.   That being said, there is also a tradition of images associated with it, and I decided to go with the ever popular wheel of fortune, an adaptation from the original 1936 score – and the original Codex Burana manuscript in turn.  I decided to play around with some texture as well, to enhance the aged feel, as well as a rich red to play off the visceral sensuality (plus, there’s a play on words with “carmina” [songs] and “carmine” [red] somewhere in there).




Inspiration all over!

The mosaic treble clef from this recruitment poster for the North Shore Chorus was one of my favourite projects. My challenge was to create an image that somehow represented a choir – music notation was a basic starting point, but the idea of different elements coming together harmoniously was what I really wanted to get at.  Illustrating the concept with colour made the poster fun and eye-catching, as well as sunny and inviting! Achieved!

NSC Recruitment Poster

Exposed! Pieces from the David R. Carlin Collection

The David R. Carlin Collection recently had a show at the Gallery of BC Ceramics on Granville Island, highlighting the vintage works of little-known BC ceramics artists.  When I was contacted to do the invitation design it was a huge honor and a fun chance to work on a new project.

I’ve done a lot of flyers where the important thing is to organize as much information as possible into a small space in a way that will communicate the pertinent details best.  The invitation for this show  was a post-card, something I’ve been itching to do, and it gave me the opportunity to work with space.  It needed to be clean and elegant – professional yet inviting – and reflect the slightly cheeky sincerity of the show.  This gave me a chance to play with the clean aesthetics that I aspire to, and promoting artistic ventures has always been very near and dear to my heart, so, all in all, it was a very satisfying piece to do.

The Carlin Collection

The Whole Enchilada

I recently had the great pleasure of designing the print campaign for Genderfest.  This involved a poster, several ads for the Pride Guide, as well as a flyer.

As it was a multi-day event with lots of information I really needed to use the flyer’s real-estate to it’s fullest.  Instead of just advertising the festival as a whole, I wanted to have the relevant “who”, “what”, “when”, and “where” fully available for all of the festivities – essentially for the flyer to be something people would pick up and keep like an event guide.  Genderfest already had a website, and the layered colour scheme was their background image – it was the perfect visual element I could lend to structuring  information.  Rotating the image created some visual interest for the poster, which needed a different kind of structure to keep the test bold and visible from a distance.

Working with the Genderfest team was a joy and I’m so excited for next year!  Check out the awesome work they do at

Genderfest Campaign

Malaspina Printmakers

OMG. I just discovered Malaspina Printmakers. These people are so sexy.

Essentially, they’re an artistic society based in Vancouver that focuses on the various elements of printmaking. They have all of the equipment and run workshops for a variety of print-related techniques:

…intaglio, aquatint, lithoplate, monotypes, etching, lithography, collography, inkjet [looks like some prepress and paper info], silkscreening, woodcut [!!!], intaglio photopolymer…

I don’t even know what half this stuff is, but it sounds very alluring. Next time I am feeling flush with cash I am totally rocking down and taking one of these. AND they have exhibits! I can’t wait to immerse myself in some awesome print art.

Poster Time

So I made another thing! This is poster number three for the North Shore Chorus, a local community choir.  Their program featured a celestial theme, so I recreated a night sky.

Normally, I do a lot of text-based work – using fonts as a graphic element in combination with photos. Part of my day job is to do layout, so it’s a natural step for me. This time, however, I got to bust out my Wacom digital drawing tablet and make some original art. Doing the detail of the moon and the reflection was super fun. Can’t wait for more!

Shining Night Poster